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Beating Your Procrastination

People do procrastinate. And for me, this is one thing that keeps people from moving. If we know this is the root-cause, we should fix it and start to create different result. In his video, Robin Sharma told us on the 5 strategies to really beat your procrastination. This 16 minutes video tells us on …

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What makes Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Different?

Jobs and Gates when they were young Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are the 2 tycoon that have revolutionize the computer industry and change the world. There were so many debates made by people saying that which one is better. And if you were the Mac hardcore user, you will think that Jobs is better. …

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Dreaming is a process of manifestation. Everybody dream especially when they are kids. It is important for a parents give a good influence on their children on whatever they are dreaming. When I was a little boy, I dream a lot and I am sure that everybody did too. But when most of people grown …

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