Beating Your Procrastination

People do procrastinate. And for me, this is one thing that keeps people from moving. If we know this is the root-cause, we should fix it and start to create different result.

In his video, Robin Sharma told us on the 5 strategies to really beat your procrastination. This 16 minutes video tells us on some of his strategy to get things moving. If you don’t have that 16 minutes, I write the summary below:

1. Write down your magnificient obsession statement – create a dream collage. Read it the first thing in the morning and last at night. This is the things that Napoleon Hill been teaching in his multi-million best seller ‘Thing and Grow Rich’. Our sub-conscious mind consume 95% of our brain and the secret that our sub-conscious operates through pictures. Your performance always aligned with your sub-conscious mind.

2. Power of Diet Procrastination. Basically a 30-day journal on what are the things that you have did that beat you procrastination. Pick one thing everyday that you have been resisting on doing it and write it down. The more you did it, the more you believe you can beat it.

3. 2WW – Second Wind Workout. Excercise twice daily. Excercise can rewire our brain work, create massive resistance against chronic stress, and release endorphine, norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. Exercise is one of the best productivity tools. And recent research in University of Toronto said by exercise you’ll have better learning power, more focus and stronger memory.

4. Create a distraction free environment. Distraction can make you do other things and start to procrastinate. When Steve Jobs move to NeXT, he purposely painted everything white. This will avoid distraction and make him able to think clearly.

5. Release self-sabotage. The world has pulled a veil of doubt and fear over our eyes. People surround us always told us that why you can’t. All this voices creates your saboteur. The number once reason for procrastination is fear. Because we are scared from what other people told us! Do what you are frightened to do.

Hope this will inspire you to do more!

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