Rockstar Blueprint for Dominating the Speaking Industry

Get insights into how you can establish your career as a speaker, trainer, or coach and stand out as compared to your competition. ​

Date & Time

29th July 2023
10 am - 1 pm


Leap Leadership Academy, Puchong

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Physical Workshop
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The Rockstar Blueprint

Passion drives many individuals to become speakers, trainers, or coaches. It’s the burning desire to make a positive difference and propel others forward in their careers and lives. However, in today’s training landscape, the market is fiercely competitive. Simply floating in the industry is not enough. The real challenge lies in securing bookings and commanding fees that truly reflect the value of our time and expertise.


At The Rockstar Speakers, we have developed a game-changing framework specifically designed to empower speakers, trainers, and coaches like you. This framework serves as your roadmap to excel in the industry, transform clients into raving fans, demand higher fees, and create a profound impact on those you serve.


During this transformative session, you will gain invaluable insights on how to establish your career as a sought-after speaker, trainer, or coach. We will reveal powerful strategies that will set you apart from the competition, ensuring that you rise above the rest.

Now is the time to unleash your full potential and make your mark in the industry. Join us and discover the keys to standing out, capturing the attention of clients, and leaving an indelible impact on those you serve.

The Content

Session 1:
Fundamentals of becoming a Rockstar Speaker

In this session, we will provide a clear distinction between being a great speaker and being a true professional. Gain clarity on what sets Rockstar Speakers apart.

Session 2:
The Rockstar Roadmap

Discover the framework that paves the way to becoming a Rockstar. Assess where you currently stand and learn actionable steps to take your speaking career to the next level.

Session 3:
Rockstar Pillar 1 -
Mastering Your Craft

To become a true Rockstar, mastery and authenticity are key. Explore the concept of Bloom's Taxonomy and its significance, as many trainers are familiar with it but fail to apply it effectively.

Session 4:
Rockstar Pillar 2 -
Strategic Publishing

Publishing content is a powerful way to convey your message, but it requires strategy. Learn how to strategically communicate your expertise and ideas, setting you apart as an expert.

Session 5:
Rockstar Pillar 3 -
Cultivating a Loyal Following

A Rockstar is only as impactful as their following. Discover how to build a loyal fan base that will elevate your brand to new heights, expanding your brand in a way you never thought it could reach.


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