Small Mind Think of Small Things

Yesterday, I was fortunate to have a lunch with UTeM Assistance Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ghazie Ismail. Among topics that we discuss is about some people’s behaviour.

Sekadar gambar hiasan

He shared with us some stories of the past (he was a senior management at MDeC since the establishment of MDeC). At that time some people complaint on some claims that they did not received because of approval has not been obtained. The amount is not too big, but the person making it a big issue. Then he asked, “If you receive this, will it make you rich? and if you don’t receive it, will it make you poor?” Then you don’t have to make it a big issue.

The lesson is, small mind people discuss of small things. People who think big will not spending so much effort of settling small little things, because there are more big things that worth to focus on.

When was the last time we arguing for just small little thing? Let us ask ourself, whether is it worth to worry about the small thing? Or should we shift our focus to bigger things that worth our attention?


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