How to make important decisions in life?

Life is about a series of decisions. Think about it, everything we do everyday involve decision making. Even what makes you read this blog is also a decision that you made probably a few seconds ago.

Research shows that when it comes to regret, 3/4 people regret things that they have never done before. Which means only 1/4 people is actually regret of things that they did, either failure or perhaps some silly things that they have done in their life.
One of the ways that I normally use in my training sessions is what I called visualization technique. Our mind is so powerful as compared to other creatures. We can bring our mind to the future or the past. We can just imagine things.

When it comes to making some important decision in your life, one thing that you need to do is to bring your mind to your future. See it as yourself 10 years or 20 years from now. Look at the consequence of the decision that you are making, and which one that you might think that your future self will thank you for making that decision. 
When I decided to quit my job, of course, people giving me different kind of opinion and they scared me with that risk of not being able to maintain my lifestyle. But I thank myself now because that is what I exactly did. I imagined myself 10 years ahead. How my future self will feel about the decision that I made. And now, just after a few years, I am so glad that I made that decision. 
So go on. Make that decisions by consulting your future self. And don’t become part of the statistics that 3/4 people has made.

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