Leadership Lessons from the founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg

You might be using facebook. Whether you are an active user or passive, you know people around you are spending so much of their time in facebook. It doesn’t just become accidentally something big phenomenon and Mark was lucky that he’s the founder of Facebook. There are leadership qualities behind him that makes facebook is still there and everyone still spending their most web browser activities on it.

Great leaders do things differently and some of the great leaders have something in common. It is not difficult to be a great leader. We just need to find a person who have made it, understand what are the principles that they use and copy.

Copying is not a straight forward process. As a human being, there is no chance for us to copy another person 100% because each and everyone of us is unique. But certain principle we can learn and we can apply what make sense to us. While some that does not make sense, we can just leave it away for other people who think it make sense to them to actually use it.
10 lessons from Mark Zuckerberg:

1. Get revenge on your exes.
2. Don’t be intimidated by the boardroom.
3. Do what you are passionate about.
4. Leadership is the quality that will bring the best out of people around you.
5. Be the CEO and make sure everyone around you knows it.
6. You are only as strong as the team around you.
7. Don’t be fazed by the opinion of those around you.
8. There is no excuse for non-commitment.
9. Don’t let anyone tell the story of you.
10. You need to have the ‘go big or go home’ attitude.

Details as in the slides:

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