You Don’t Need Money, You Need A Better Strategy

One of the key take-away during the recent National Achievers’ Congress 2013 is from Peter Sage. The concept that he introduced was ‘Capital vs Initiatives’
How you can get what you want without paying for it!

I  don’t need money. I NEED A BETTER STRATEGY!

What does he mean by that?

First of all, the question that we need to ask is:
“How can I add value?”
And we need to ensure the value is really what others wanted.

To illustrate this, he gave a few example:

1. The Flower Shop
One day there was a flower shop to be sold. They are selling at $50,000 and the buyer who wanted to buy doesn’t have the money. He went and asked for loan but no one wanted to lend the money. (familiar with this situation?)
After seeking advice, what he did was he went to the flower supplier and offered a deal – an exclusivity to the supplier to supply all the flowers to the shop (of course with certain terms and condition on quality and availability of the product etc). This exclusivity estimated around $180,000 per annum of profit. But to secure the deal, he asked for a fee of $50,000 (which is normal in most business). He then took that $50k and bought the shop and he don’t have to cracked his head dealing with various supplier to supply flowers to his shop.

2. Tony Robbins Seminar
Tony Robbins seminar is one of the most expensive seminar in the world. In one of the UPW (Unleash the Power Within) Seminar, there is a one guy who wanted to join but has no money to pay for the fees. After meeting Sage, he got some advice to have a better strategy. He then went to the registration list to find who is living near his neighborhood and approached them. He offered a deal to teach their children on the content of this seminar for the next 10 weeks with some payment. After securing 2 parents on his offere, he then got the money to join Anthony Robbins UPW seminar.

The moral of the story – if you can find a better strategy, you don’t need the money.

Recently, when I watched, Derek Halpern shared exactly the same thing.

How to Meet New People Who Want To Help Your Business and Career

The message is consistent!
What is your strategy? 
How you can add value to others?

Update on 10 Nov 2014

Read more of examples here:

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