Tony Robbins on Solving the Problems Using the Resources We Already Have

Tony Robbins has always been my idols because his unique ability to apply the psychology in solving problems that human are facing.

In this short video – it’s about 7 minutes on what Tony did to change the limitation belief that Shane had and the rest 7 minutes is about explaining what was happened.

What can we learn?

Most of the problem happens because we are the one who created the problem. And the truth is, we have all the resources to solve our problems. We just need to ask the right question to ourselves. And we need some skills and knowledge on how to ask the right questions.
In this case, the de-brief tells us the 3 steps of doing this:

1. Find the ‘Unspoken Assumptions’ that we have in our current situation. This is limiting belief that we have that hold us from getting the things that we always wanted.
2. Challenge the Unspoken Assumptions. If you think that you can, or you can’t, you are right – said Henry Ford. By challenging this, we might discover the ‘root cause’ that actually holding our limiting belief.
3. Break through the limiting emotion. Change what ever our mental limitation that we create in our brain. Ask ourselves, if the Unspoken Assumptions does not exist, how would we feel? What are the three things that we would do? The odd things are, all the answer is within us. We just need to dig it deep and find the right answer within us!

Hope this is a good reminder to myself and my readers who is reading this post. All of us have the potential to grow to our best potential, we just need to educate ourselves on how we can do it!

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