Creating a Cool Working Environment

Have you ever feel during your first day in a new company that you are so motivated. You see all good things and you started to say to yourself you will contribute to this company. You will use all of your expertise to ensure your contribution will bring this company to the next level. You wanted to do all the good things to the company.

2 years later – you started to see that you hands and legs are tight. You have so many ideas to make sure the company can grow, but somehow, the environment just don’t allow you to do so. The boss doesn’t allow you to do certain things which you are super confident that the things will bring so much benefit to the company. The policy does not allow you to do it. Your friends seems does not understand what you are trying to do. Or if they do understand, they themselves can’t do anything. So you go with the flow! At one point they give you clear direction, but when you wanted to do something align with the direction, it seems that everything is not possible.
Have this ever happened? 
I’ve been working with 4 different companies. And guess what? All the companies operate the same way! Why is this so? 

The Environment will determine what type of person you will become in a certain place. Notice in McDonalds – how you see different people working in different restaurant. But they seems to work on the same way. The leadtime of their service, how they greet you, how they smile, how they upsell without making you feel irritated. Because McDonalds has created a system that cause the environment so.
We need to create a better environment
What will happen if you working in the environment that will not support you? Most organization loses their greatest asset – talents. 

“People are not your greatest assets, the right people are your greatest assets.” – Jim Collins

 It’s ok if you get rid of the people which is not your assets. But what happens if all the talents starting to leave. If this thing is really happening, let us check back why is it happening. Most people did not jump from one company to another company primarily because of financial reward. There are 8 emotional drivers that actually makes us fulfill when we do things. Have you ever seen some super good people working on a job which does not suit his/her pay? And they never complain? Chances are they always fulfill their emotional needs.

Basically we have 8 Emotional Needs
By knowing your emotional needs and other, you can create a better environment. With this we can create a better place for everybody to work. Everybody will have different emotional needs ranking and if we can fulfill their emotional gratification everybody will be happy!

Know your emotional needs and do something that fulfill your emotional needs. Then you will be happy!

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