Visionary Leadership – the Red Brain

Recently I have a talk with one of my good friend. He is from Indonesia. We talk about the development of our country and how Jakarta is different with Kuala Lumpur in terms of the traffic, facilities etc.

Some of our key-point of discussion is about leadership. Malaysian leadership have a vision which I totally agreed upon. The biggest example of this is the Wawasan 2020 (or Vision 2020). Wawasan 2020 was actually announced by our fourth Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in 1991 – during the 6th Malaysian Plan. Wawasan 2020 is a 30 years plan, a plan that Tun introduce at the time he is not sure whether he will still be alive when it is achieved.

What makes a person a visionary?
Tun Dr. Mahathir is a red brain person. It is obvious in many ways.
– Red brain is very good at establishing long term planning. In other words, they are visionary.
– Tun is very blunt when addressing specific issue. This is because Tun focus on the objectivity of the issue. Not personal and not because he is insensitive.
– Tun is a very structured person. This is very obvious when you read his blog. Everything is very structured and he puts the clarity in every points he make.

The list goes on and on.

How the predecessor work on his Vision?
Pak Lah is a Blue Brain. The way he thinks is a bit different. Hence he did not able to match the way Tun set the Vision. However, DS Najib also have red brain. And you can see, he is currently working on the same Vision 2020 and created another long term plan for Malaysia.

In general, Leadership in Malaysia is Red Colored
If we look at the leadership in Malaysia, we might have so many different colors of individuals. However, if we look at the culture most of the big organizations CEO comes from finance background. Unlike in the west, the CEO normally those who founded the organizations and succeeded by the next person who working very close to the CEO. However, this does not means that in Malaysia, if you are not Red, you can’t become a CEO. Yes you can.

p/s: Tony Fernandez is Blue, btw.

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