Focus will determine what you’ll see

I am so touched that recently there are so many people that really wants to see me succeed. It does not happened once, or twice. But it were in series. One after another. How could this happened?

Reticular Activating System (RAS) – the antenna inside our brain (by the way, this is metaphor) that makes us pay attention to the things that we focus. And if we put more of our focus, then only we can see such things happened around us.

The principle of Law of Attraction makes tells us that if what we focus on will expand! This is exactly what it is. Once we started to focus on good things, more of it will occur and because of our RAS is activated to focus on it, our mind will see it!

You have your facebook aren’t you? Have you noticed that people that makes negative comments most of the time will continue to make a series of negative comments. Vice versa.
The next time you visit facebook, try to see if that individuals talking about negative things more than 3 times, chances are if you open his page and view it walls, most of the post there will be negative. And if we narrow down the topic, most of the time they will talk negative within the same topic.

Remember your thought have frequency. This frequency will travel and it will attract more of it! Some might called it vibration. Produce some good thoughts and good things will happened.

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