Working With Different Colored Brain

In my life, as an employee I have some difficulties to work with people. Especially my superior. Once in a while, I have a good idea. For example, working in a company where training is part of our bread and butter, I do think that to upgrade the HRDF status of the company is important. We were at class C at that time. What stopping us to upgrade to class B was the TTT. Being a subsidiary of a University, we don’t have trainer that parked under our payroll, which is one of the requirement of class B and of course to upgrade to class A we need to have 2 trainers.

Since we don’t have any trainers inside the company (we outsource from our parent company most of the time), I proposed to my CEO to send me to the TTT course. I begin to explain why we need this to him. The result – he don’t agreed. It is a five days course and there bound to be some problem if I leave the company for 5 days (and I realized how important I am to the company).

Frustrated, I just went back into my room and start talking to other colleagues. They were all agreed with me but somehow the boss just couldn’t see.

One day, we have a new head coming. After convincing the same idea with her, she started to see the CEO. Interestingly, the CEO agreed to send me for the 5 days HRDF-TTT course. I was quite surprise. Is it because our new head is a female; easily convinced the male CEO or because of she is a great influencer?

Today we studied Colored Brain. And I noticed that my CEO is a Red Brained. He needs clarity when he makes decision and when clarity is not there, he will not approve. By knowing this characteristic, I know that he needs a lot of information before he can proceed with any decision. While being a Green Brain, I always talk thing without any structure and jumping here and there. This results to my communication did not match with what his brain is trying to process.

Moving forward – the next time if I were to submit a proposal or asking an approval, I might need to spend more time to give clarity to him before asking him to make any decision. This way, it fits to his way of communicating and this can help him to make a decision.

And by the way, from this writing I noticed that I am Green Brained. Do you noticed that?
What is your Boss Brain Color? Call me and I can help you to identify that.

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