Everyone Can Become A Leader

Everyone can become a leader. But that is not the question. The question is whether they want to or they don’t. Leadership is a choice and I do believe that it is your responsibility to decide whether you want to be one, or you just want to follow someone, or some organization.

Tipping Point
Some people change after there was a situation that force them to change. I remembered Jim Rohn’s story of how he changed after being broke and not able to buy a cookies from a girl scout. Worst, he was lying saying that he has one. That is his turning point of his life. Some people change because of frustration and some because of inspiration. Both are good change agents.

Vision and Mission
Most companies have this nice frame on the wall mentioning vision and mission. But some companies did it because all other companies have it, and it looks weird if they don’t. Some did it because their consultant asked them to do so, without understanding the purpose of having it. To me, leaders must have a vision. Something that they wanted to change. From that vision, they create missions to support their intention. This will drive them internally to pursue their dreams. I believe people are not a lazy creature. They just don’t have a clear vision of their life, or finding their purpose of their life.

Leaders Are Born or Leaders Are Made?
This is a classic question, but of course leaders are born, every human being does. But I don’t believe that only the person who born to be a leader are capable to become a leader. Leadership is a choice. Some psychometric profiling saying that only certain type of people are good to be leaders, I would say that the profiling is not a good profiling. Because when you tell people they can’t be a leader, and they believe it, then they wont. I believe that everybody have the potential to be a leader. Our Colored Brain Psychometric Profiling tells everybody can be a leader, just different type of leadership that suit to their profile.

Everyone Can Become A Leader, but first you need to decide what impact that you want to produce to the world. What changes that you want to make to build a better world.

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