Will People Remember You?

I was fortunate when the founder of Reach Your Goal from UK, Phil Berg shared some of his insight in an event organized by BNI Malaysia. Tonnes of lessons that I learned, and I am going to share with you some part of it.

Phil Berg

Get remembered by each and every person that meets you
If you got a chance to choose between these two things, which one will you choose?
i. To be remembered and be spoken about, or
ii. Become even better at what you do

Which one will you choose?
Well nothing wrong in choosing both, but which one you should put priority at?

Ok, let me ask you a question. Let say I was given an access to watch all the movies in the world and I don’t know which one to watch. Can you name me a movie that you would recommend me to watch. Ok, let’s think for a second…. [think… think.. don’t cheat…]

Once you got that movie, what is the title of the movie?
Let’s think for a while, is it the best ever movie that was made that you have ever seen…. or is it something that really stick into your mind because you remembered something about it?

The truth is, people don’t recommend the best. People will recommend something that they remember.
So the goal is, if you own a business, you need to make sure that people remember you. Of course you need to do a good job. But don’t focus yourself to be the best in the world, but put more effort on how people can remember you, and get more people talking about you.

Let me ask you another question. Are there competitor out there that are not as good as you but earn more money than you? Why….???
[Well life isn’t fair right?]

But the truth is,

“Your client buy from you because they are happy with you. Not because you are the best in the world.”

Business is not just about selling
But business is about networking. What you know is not so important, but who know you is so crucial in business.
But why do we not know so many people?
In my programmes, most of the time I share about ‘Encoded Assumptions’ or the program that we installed unconsciously in our mind. In this case, we were told when we were kids that – “Don’t speak with strangers”. When we grew up, it might be difficult because those who are not our friends are all strangers. And we don’t know what strangers can offer.

But I like to talk to people and promote my business. When I promoted, that guy turn off.
Well, Phil said “Nobody will be offended if a nice people sit next to them. Most people will get offended if sales people sit next to them.”

When get to know people, don’t sell your product immediately. What we want to do is to create that rapport and when people are comfortable, they will buy if they want it or they need it. Don’t force people to buy, because the last thing I want is to buy something that I don’t use. I remembered I have to buy some shampoos and washing dishes from a network marketing company, and not happy using it. But have to use it because the price was so expensive… sayang la…

Build your reputation
You can know as many people as you want, and build a list of names in your database. But the question is whether all these people knows us?
Phil said:

“Who you know is your contact.
Who knows you are your reputation.”

There are saying said that reputation is what people talk about you when you are not in the room.

And the most important quote of the day from Phil

“Sales people “don’t” sell… They influence people to want to buy.”

Phil Berg is the founder of Reach Your Goal, Assistant National Director of BNI UK & Ireland and Executive Director BNI London NW, BNI London NE. 

BNI is a global platform for Business Owner to network and grow their own business.
For more information, visit: http://bnisolusi.net.my/

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