5 Ways to Use The Law Of Attraction

Most of us must have heard and have some ideas about the Law of Attraction. Some might have gain some results out of what they have attract, while some others might have not getting any and they blame that it does not work. Well, to share with you some of the good tips of using it, here is 5 suggestion how to make use the LOA and start getting what you always wanted.

1. Feel The Desire
Desire or passion is the accelerator to get what you want. In my experience, for the thing I really wanted, I always receive them early and sometimes effortless. There is 2 ways to use this accelerator tools which is:
i. Desire what you want.
ii. Wanting what you desire.
If it fulfills one of these 2 conditions, Insyaallah, you are very-very close.

2. Use the Vision Board
For visual people (according to NLP sub-modalities), it is best to use Vision Board because of something you see can remind you of something and boost out the desire inside of you. It is best if you put your smiley picture near to the picture and imagine you are with the things that you wish you have.

3. Appreciation and Gratitude
Gratitude breeds more of what you already have. If you wish for a million, you should express gratitude if you earn a dime. Imagine if you thank you your father when he gave you RM10, and you spend it very-very wisely. Chances are, you will receive more. I myself always express gratitude when I get my parking lot. Miracle happens where I always get the nearest parking space whenever I wanted to park my car. You should do the same.

4. Act ‘As If….’
Act as if you already have what you wanted will give you a very positive vibrations. Imagine you are with your new BMW that you always wanted. Even if it does not real yet, doesn’t you feel very-very happy? Happy feelings is like a catalyst to attracting what you desire.

5. Feel Good and Be Happy Now!
Forget about your problems and sadness. Start to be happy and positive in every angle of your life. Everything happens for a reason and always believe that whatever happens is good. Focus on the good side and you will feel happy constantly. Of course there is a sad time. Doesn’t mean you can be sad, but get out from that state the soonest you can!

Hope this might help myself and all the readers! Attracting the good in your life NOW!

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