What is your life like

I found a nice quote by Anthony Robbins. A simple thing which could change the view look at your life and it will change your life.

Even if we’re unaware of it, we constantly use metaphors to describe aspects of our lives. Metaphors shape our life’s perspective. For example, if I asked you to describe for me, “What is life? Give me a metaphor. What’s it like?” you might describe life as a battle, and someone else might call it a game, or a test, or a dance. These are called global metaphors because they affect many areas of your life simultaneously.
If you approach everything from the viewpoint that life is a battle, what is life like? It’s hard; you could lose or get killed; the next person you meet on the street could be your enemy. What if life is a game? It could actually be fun. What if life is a dance? Maybe there’s a natural rhythm to it.

Anthony Robbins


Tony Robbins point is, you need to determine what you should look at your life. Make it simple. Life is full of happiness and richness. Full of success and freedom. I’ll bet, starting from now, my life should be easier and more enjoyable. Except all the challenge as part of the riff or bridge of the song.

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