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I’ve been attending a 1 day course by Dr. Azizan Osman, Marketing & U on the 20th of May. It has been 11 days past the seminar, but it think it worth to spend RM1990 just to spend on a day. The input I think is almost you can get it anywhere in the book shops. You would not need that amount of money to search for that kind of informations. But, why I said it worth it? Because of the impact of the seminar. Dr. Azizan has the skills to give an impact to anybody. I think it is his field and expertise to do so and he has done a fantastic job!

Some FAQ:

What Did I Learn?
1. Declarations. 5 lines of declarations to program. (you’ll understand better if you understand how law of attraction works)
2. Some basic marketing principle (ATL/BTL, USP etc.) But Dr. Azizan gives a different angle on how to look on these elements.
3. Hook point in every marketing strategies.
4. How to arrange your sentence so that the same message you send will give a huge impact to your prospect.
5. Pull factor is more powerful than Push factor and how to develop your pulling factor.
6. 3 plans of marketing + 73 types of marketing method.

When Can I Apply the Lessons?
Frankly speaking, I can apply the next day! However, sad thing is I only apply a week after.

What are the Impact of Applying the Suggested Strategies?
If you can apply the Plan A strategy, you will have another problem. You will running out of stock, or if you are in services industry, you will run out of hand.

Why Aren’t People Attending Market Their Business Successfully?
They lack of 1 thing. None other than, Taking ACTION!

If you asked me is it worth it to attend? My honest answer would be, YES!

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