Value : Who decide

I learn a lesson last week. I have a long chit-chat with one of my good friend and we talk most about financial and life. We share our opinion and thought and I think it’s great to exchange view on your opinion with one another.

What he thought me last week?
He asked me a question. If I gave you RM5 and 50c, which one will be more value to you? I am clueless, thinking what is the trick and the message he wants to deliver. Just to get the answer done, I told him RM5 and waited for the answer of the puzzle. Actually you who decide the value. It doesn’t mean that the higher the amount, the higher the value. But you yourself decide!

Sound very simple and tricky. But it is relatively true. If you think back, do you think RM10 is a big amount? The same number can give different answer to different people, different situation and different environment. RM3 for a can of coca-cola will sound very expensive at a stall. But when you go to hotel or pub, the value can reach RM10. The hotel maybe located 10 meters away from the stall. So, number is just a number.

Let me give some example from my experience. Last month I had a minor broke period when it near to end of the month. Suddenly somebody gave me RM30 and I find out that RM30 is very valuable to me at that period of time. But if gave me during I received a bonus, do you think I will value the RM30?

Get excited when you receive money. Don’t look at the numbers, but if you can get excited even to a very small amount, you are actually attracting it. Don’t complain and always be grateful. Than you will attract the good thing coming your way!

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