Sub-conscious Mind: Basic Comparison

I would like to share something on conscious mind and sub-conscious mind. This is one of the most powerful tools on the universe. In general, sub-conscious mind is a result of programming, either pre-programmed and programmed by you environment or your past experience. The best thing is you can program your mind.

So, what is sub-conscious mind?
I give you a few example. When you learn how to drive a car, you conscious mind will first think what to do next. How you control the fuel, brake and clutch paddle. But when you keep on repeating the process, it become unconscious. You don’t think when to press the gas or inserting the gear. Automatically when a car comes near you, you press brake. This is sub-conscious mind.

Same as when you talking. If you learn new language, you need to think words-to-words in order to create a sentence. But if you are a native speaker, the words come out spontaneously. Why this happened? It is a sub-conscious mind job.

Some of the part of our brain is preset. For example breathing and eye blinking. Others need to be train before it become sub-conscious.

Why subconscious is powerful ?
Same like programming. Programming is a very powerful tools. You can do anything with program that you create once. For example, Microsoft Windows. Very difficult to write is once and you need to optimize your thinking. But once it is done, the things will run by itself. When we detect some bugs, then just require minor fixing to fix the bugs.

Basic Comparison on conscious and sub-conscious
1. Conscious will focus on future. Just like first time driving, you conscious mind will thing about changing a gear a few moment before you actually change the gear. But sub-conscious mind will do it at present.
2. Conscious is more flexible. You can choose to change gear two or three depends on whatever you think. But sub-conscious rigid, when you normally after gear one, you will change to two, that is what you’ll always do. If after wake-up you immediately go to bathroom, that is what you will always do, unless your conscious mind change it.
3. Conscious will more sensitive to positive information. If you are by someone about a benefit of reading a book for example, you conscious mind will start to think on the positive benefit and you’ll start to think you must read a book. But sub-conscious mind are sensitive to negative information. Let say you are offered a new better position, your sub-conscious will start thinking, oh it is a hard work, what if I cannot perform, the job location is too far from my house etc etc.
4. Conscious is after-the-fact checker which means after knowing things is good, you will start doing it, while sub-conscious is a pattern detector – it works based on pattern that you set. For example, if you often brush your teeth after wake-up, you will try to follow the pattern everytime you wake up.
5. Conscious is a single system while sub-conscious is multi-system.

Why you need to know all these?
By knowing the potential power of these two types of mind, you can optimize in anything you do. How do you do it? Example when you start to think about stop smoking, you conscious mind will do the temporary thinking which stored into you RAM that you must stop smoking. But after a few while, the memory is gone, your subconscious part which store inside your hard disk will start to retake the position of whatever you do. If you realize this, you will put on the new thinking using your conscious, until it re-write the subconscious part into your hard disk and let it run by itself.

Did you realize, human have the ability for total control on both part of mind. Animal do have brain but the brain is more on sub-conscious mind. That is why duck can swim since hatch from their egg, bird can fly, dog will run and catch when you throw something, and on and on. But they can never change all these basic character. But you as a human, you have the ability to change whatever you wanted. That is why human being is so special!

Use it to change your habit, perspective and thinking which most of them is pre-set by your past, your surrounding and your environment.
Whatever you do, your thinking will always play the most important role, not your hard work. That is why Napoleon Hill wrote a multi-million best seller ‘Think and Grow Rich‘, not ‘Work hard and grow rich’!

Create your thinking and create your own program!

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