New Year 2018 – How to set goals?

Happy new year 2018! I hope that you are doing great celebrating the new year. And of course, 2017 have left us with some powerful lessons of life. Only those who spend some time to reflect on this lessons will actually learn from all the lessons that life taught us.

Perhaps you have some powerful lessons that you want to share. Please write down on the comment below so that we can learn from your lessons. And some of you might have a lot of achievement. Reflect on it and express gratitude towards all of your achievement. The attitude of gratitude will bring more of good.

When we talk about the new year, most people will talk about new year’s resolution. And to me, I would prefer to talk about goal-setting. Why do we need to only set goals on 1st January every year? I have no idea why people do that, but for me, it is very simple. My company account will start fresh on 1st January so that when we set goals for the new year, we are actually planning according to our account cycle.

A goal is very important because when you don’t set a goal, you are missing the clarity of what you are going to achieve. And CLARITY IS POWER!

When setting goals, let us set 3 categories of goals.

1. The goals that it is almost impossible to achieve. For example like when you earn RM100,000 a year, you want to target of making RM1B in the next year. To me it is not impossible, it is just a belief that we put in. But let’s be rational, it is almost impossible to achieve that. But who cares, you don’t to pay anything to set a goal. Might as well, set it very high.

My impossible goal for this year is I am aiming to own a Tesla Model S for this year. Let’s see if I can achieve this. (according to Tesla website, if you book now you have to wait between 12 – 18 months).

2. The medium goal. This is the true goal that is possible and using SMART or some use SMARTER goal can achieve. It is more possible (attainable based on the acronym) and the goals that you have to focus on.

3. The bare minimum goal. This is the least that you have to achieve no matter what. There are certain things that it is a must for you to achieve. Go and put it on the list and work on it!

I am a fan of the Law of Attraction. I have my vision board and I have experienced miracles from the vision board that I created. A lot of them I don’t realize that I have achieved it until later after I own it. Law of Attraction is great and it is embedded in it the word Action. So go out and take action!

I wish you all the best on your journey in 2018! May success be with you, Insyaallah.

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