Leadership is not about position

1. In the past, the famous success formula, “Go to school, get a good grades, secure a job with a reputable organisation, then you will be successful.” Once you have a college degree, you might end up with an executive position. When the time comes, you will secured an important position. And you can use that position of power in the way that you want. The position is very much stable, and you don’t have to worry for a long period of time.

2. But now things have changed, the position is no longer a means for you to do whatever you want within your authority. Your position is very much fragile. Even if you know how to play your card right, if something happens externally which is beyond your control, you might be losing your position.

3. In today’s world, a position is no longer about seniority. In the past, just because you have enough experience, you can do whatever you want and the rest have to listen and follow. Today, if someone can do it cheaper than you, or if technology can replicate the same results that you produce, you are out of the game.

4. If you think experience alone can get you further in your life, let’s think back again. Experience alone does not count in the 21st century. Routine work can always be outsourced or automate.

5. What we need then in the 21st century? We have to always grow ourselves to stay relevant in the 21st century. We have to catch-up on the latest trend, we have to learn some new skills, and the most important thing is we have to continuously develop our leadership capability.

6. Continuous development is the answer. In the past, if you are mediocre, you can have a good life. But in today’s world, mediocre people will be struggling, because there are too many good people. The only way to succeed in the 21st century is to be exceptional.

7. Let us be exceptional!
    Let us be a better leader!


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