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Hi all. Since this is my first post, I would really like to thank all of you who dropped by. The reason for me to create this blog is to for me to share some of the tips I gain and all the experience I have regarding success and journey to my first million.

Like most people, they are also aiming to become a millionaire. Most of them planning to become millionaire on their retirement so that the money can help them to generate some of passive type of income and able to support them for the rest of their life.

But to me, I am completely different. To earning a million for me is just the beginning. It is the starting point for me to explore the world. That is the minimum amount of money that I need to entering the world of the riches. I would put my target to obtain my first million by the age of 30, or in the other words, it should be by 2013. At that time, my goal is to quit whatever job I have and beginning to create another stream of income, either by building businesses or by becoming a professional investor.

Recently I have went to Robert Kiyosaki seminar with the National Achiever’s Congress and the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar by T. Harv Eker. I’ve been reading their books a few years ago but I have taken no action on that. I can say it was the start up point for me. The seminars were really a wake up call for me. I just realized that I need to move further to become somebody. I need to do different things than most people are doing now. In order to do this, I need a proper planning to achieve my target. It is just like starting my engine off to travel to a place where I decided as my destination.

I will share a lot more especially what I have learned throughout the process. Sharing is caring. And I believe by sharing more, I will receive more. I hope you all will put on a kind comment on my post just to give me some feedback or some idea.

Hopefully I will benefit all of you, the readers of this blog and may your wishes will come true.

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